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Art Therapy

Private art therapy sessions are available in Havelock North, at the Quilter's Cottage nestled amongst  the gardens of Keirunga Creative Arts Venue, and in Central Hawkes Bay by arrangement. 

Heal. Balance. Centre.

One-on-one art therapy is a time for you to heal, rebalance and centre yourself. Petra Lund is an artist and qualified holistic creative arts therapist. She can work with you to address particular goals or issues you have identified, or provide a more broadly focused course of sessions for mental wellbeing. 

Holistic creative arts therapy is a client-centred therapy. Clients are supported in setting their own goals or focus  for the therapy course, and the therapist does not diagnose conditions or interpret meaning in the client's artwork. Rather, the therapist will be a guide, sounding-board and supporter, helping you to express and process your emotions, and identify issues. She will then guide you through exercises to heal, overcome and balance these issues.  

Issues that can benefit from art therapy include:

  • Anxiety

  • Stress

  • Depression

  • Lack of direction

  • Feeling lost or overwhelmed

  • Anger

  • Feeling mentally cluttered.

The Cottage at Keirunga
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