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“Art is unquestionably one of the purest and highest elements in human happiness. It trains the mind through the eye, and the eye through the mind.
As the sun colors flowers, so does art color life.”  

[John Lubbock]

Discover mindfulness, joy, personal growth
and healing through art



Upcoming Courses



3:00 PM -

4:00 PM

The Norsewood War Memorial Hall,

Upper Norsewood



11:00 AM -

12:30 PM

Waipukurau Community Centre,

Kitchener St, Waipukurau

Hi, I'm Petra

[B.A. (Humanities), Dip. HICAT, Dip. Life Coaching]

me - smiling.jpg

I grew up in Hawkes Bay, spending my early years at Maraetotara, east of Havelock North, before moving to the Ormondville area of Southern Hawkes Bay, where I still live. I started being creative at a young age, and never stopped! The magic, joy and endless possibilities of art

give it a special place in my life.

My favorite medium is always watercolor, as it lets the light shine through the colors in a magical way, and the mobile, flowing paint has a relaxing, revitalizing quality unmatched by any other. I also love working in pastel, and drawing in pencil and charcoal. Trying to capture the mood and character of the subject is my foremost aim as an artist. That might be the delicacy of a flower's petals, or the soft fluffiness of an animal, or the mysterious feel of an evening landscape. So my style is somewhat impressionistic. I love color too. Colors bring in mood, energy and can create contrast or calmness, depending on their relationship to each other. 


I believe art is for everyone, not just special, 'talented' people. Everyone can benefit from being creative. Creativity is enriching, calming, a form of self-expression, something that invites you to look at the world around you in a new way. I look forward to helping you on your own wellbeing journey with art! 


All artworks on this website, except for children's art and images on the adult's art courses pages, are my original artworks.    

Art by Petra

'Regal Lilies' by Petra Lund
'Ballerina' by Petra Lund
'Songbird' by Petra Lund
"Lily of the Valley" by Petra Lund
'Daffodil at Dawn' by Petra Lund
'Golden Daisies' by Petra Lund
'Bunnies' by Petra Lund
from the 'Parsifal' story by Petra Lund
from the 'Parsifal' story by Petra Lund
'Bluebell' by Petra Lund
'Dancer' by Petra Lund
"Daffodils' by Petra Lund
from the 'Parsifal' story
"Evening Hills" by Petra Lund
'Sunflower' by Petra Lund
"Winter Trees" by Petra Lund
'Eagle' by Petra Lund
'Jonquils at Dawn' by Petra Lund
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